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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Hey there! This is Kelly aka Sugar Pie, the Gadabout Gal who lives in Pataskala, Ohio — just about 18 miles east of Columbus.

That's Gypsy Urban Cowgirl Boot Heaven (aka Roundtop, Texas!)

Like my fun fellow Gadabout Gals (‘GG’s’ as I like to say)…I love traveling, exploring and finding new and interesting places to check out, see and do. You know what I’ve learned? Sometimes, a really cool place to explore is just a few miles from home!

I gotta tell ya, we 3 GG’s…are SO excited about our new site and we can’t wait to share all sorts of fun travel, food, excursions and destinations with you all. We truly live for fillin’ up our calendars with fab places to go and cool people to see!

On Saturday, June 2nd, fellow GG Michele and I ventured to the Franklin County Fairgrounds in nearby Hilliard, Ohio to check out the Zassy’s Summer Vendor Market.

Before I tell you about all of the Market goodness we saw, I must offer a confession. I am a total sucker for anything retro, repurposed, vintage, chippy or shabby. If it’s blue or red and worn and rusty, all the better. I’m not just talkin’ about home goods — I’m talkin’ jewelry, clothing, books, cowboy boots, campers…you name it, I love it!

Luckily, I’ve won my sweet husband Jason over to my love of vintage and rusty. When we first got together, he was not so keen on old and worn out, when he could get new and shiny (Don’t worry, I get it). After dragging him to more than a few antique shows and flea markets here and yonder (and even the mother lode mecca of junk — the Round Top Antiques Fair in Roundtop, Texas!) Jason now appreciates and loves vintage and retro goodies almost as much as I do! (when antique shows and flea markets serve beer and cocktails...#winning!)

So what I’m sayin’ here is this….the Zassy’s Markets (held each Summer and Fall) are right up my alley!

Even better? Over the past 6 years, Jason and I have set-up and sold our Sugar Pie Tees at a lot of local festivals and markets around Ohio…so many of the approximately 120+ cool and creative artists at the Zassy’s show…also happen to be our fun friends. Yay!

OK, enough about me…the gypsy urban cowgirl wannabe. I want to fill you in on the Market, some of the fun and fabulous artisans that participated, and why I think you should definitely check out their next event, the Zassy’s Fall Vendor Market at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio, the weekend of October 4th-6th 2018.

Some background: the Zassy’s Vendor Market was created by Cassy and Zach Mullins of Zassy’s Treasures and Design (Zach + Cassy = Zassy. Love it.).

Cassy Mullins - Girl Boss who organizes all of this FAB!

They now hold 2 large vendor markets a year, one in early summer and one in the fall. They usually handpick 90+ vendors and artisans from all over the midwest and beyond…cool & creative small businesses that truly appreciate the support and feedback they get from markets like this and the shoppers who frequent them. The Zassy's Markets also include great local food trucks (beer, wine & cocktails too!), wonderful live music and even some fun DIY presentations.

These Markets have such a fun, friendly and artistic vibe. Every vendor set-up is in a pretty white tent and their displays and goodies are always over-the-top amazing! I don’t know if you’re aware…but industrial, vintage, farmhouse and retro home decor is very hot right now — it has been for a while and the trend for repurposed and upstyled is still going strong. Yay for me…because I love it ALL! And I have to tell ya, I’ve been to a good many of these types of local artisan and vintage Markets and festivals, and truly….Zassy’s is one of my all-time favorites!

Why? Well, I’m gonna stop yappin’ and start showin’ ya. Read on for a look and links to some of the fab vendors and artisans that participated in last weekend’s Summer Market —

Below is my great friend Ivena Dehl of Furbished - REpurposed REdesign. Her eye is crazy/cool and her restyled and repurposed vintage home decor goodies (and more!) are bad*SS! She was rockin' a boho theme at this Market -- SO fun!

My friend Becky Brisker of Objet Adapté is SO fun & fab as well! She creates truly gorgeous bags and accessories from repurposed vintage feed sacks and textiles. She also designs fun tees, clothing and accessories for babies, youth and adults. Seriously cute stuff!

Then we have the sweet and truly talented Valerie Long of Valerie Long Jewelry. I love LOVE her jewelry SO much. Each piece is more unique and cool than the next...vintage bits, beads and baubles. Beautiful art to wear (and affordable, too!)

I have ALWAYS had a 'thing' about hearts. My sweet mother Carol used to always gift me with items with a heart on them. So...hearts always remind me of her, and when I wear them...she is with me. This bracelet on the lower right that Valerie created with the TWO vintage hearts and a key???!!! Love LOVE it! I am wearin' that sweet bracelet RIGHT NOW!!!

Check out my cute friend Kate and her wife Elkie. Kate is the creator of Kate's Kustom Wreaths ~ fun and artsy/cool wreaths that you would love to have OR give as a great gift! Kate also does fun wreath parties that are hugely popular (especially her Buckeye wreath and Vintage Holiday wreath parties). Definitely check her out!

Look at these FAB goodies below from new vendors that I met that day, Vicki and John from Urban Barn in Indiana. Their set-up was just SO cool, I loved ALL of their vintage, rusty and worn beauties. And...I got to take home that awesome old & weathered blue Kool Kan Cooler in the below pic on the left. It's 'the color of summer', as Jason and I call it. I love LOVE it!!

We also met 2 cute, cool and KrAzY artistic gals who had travelled to the Market all the

way from Georgia! All of the fab goodies from both LA Dreams and Genevieve Gail

seriously spoke to my gypsy urban cowgirl heart! They have a little bit of, accessories, home decor and more! I snagged some 'country-fied' tops and a hat from these gals and they are SUH-weet!!! I can't wait to wear my cute new Cow hat and Dolly Parton shirt!

I also had the great pleasure to meet the crazy talented Jen of Tiny House Vintage and Art. She is a friend of my good friend Ivena' I just knew she would be FABulous! I'm in love with Jen's vintage goodies and beautiful hand-painted signs SO much! I saw the one on the right below, about adventure...and it truly spoke to me. Yep, that sweet sign is in my happy home right now! Jen is so creative and very cool. You should definitely check her out.

Seriously, does all that above look crazy/cool or what???? Of course, both Michele and I made more than a few fun purchases (mine have now found special places in my happy home)…and get this — now I’m all excited for it to be October so I can go to the FALL Zassy’s event! (Hmmm…on second thought, I’m just gonna enjoy the summer here a little bit and not rush things. At least until the thermometer starts hittin’ 90 degrees, then I will start really wishin’ for fall).

So if this all looks like it may be up your alley too…make sure to check out Zassy’s 2018 Fall Vendor Market at the Delaware, Ohio County Fairgrounds, the weekend of October 4th-6th. Hey, if you do go, make sure to tell ‘em Sugar Pie sent ya!

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