You better Belize it!

Howdy! This is Tiffany, the Gadabout Gal who lives in Texas. I’m a dreamer and always have been. Luckily, I have two besties who share my passion for life. Kelly, Michele and I have pursued adventures since 2009 when we met through Twitter. Together we make the perfect trifecta.

Creating a dream to bet on

In 2017 I placed a tropical vacation to Belize to the top of my bucket list. I envisioned a luxurious beach home with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, including a chef because that detail sounded outlandish. I may be a dreamer, but am also a doer and an avid listener to podcasts. One of my favorite motivational speakers recommends putting a price tag to your dreams. With a quick search on HomeAway, I found an amazing vacation rental with every detail I hoped for, including a chef. The Villa Groovy Gecko was exactly what I imagined when I created my bucket list. I immediately posted this discovery to my personal Facebook page.

There are benefits of oversharing on social media.

Fast forward several months later. Kelly, Michele and I had our yearly discussion about an Italian adventure we are intent on sharing one day. Inspired by the pictures of the Villa Groovy Gecko I had shared on Facebook, Kelly suggested we consider the tropics this time. Michele agreed to shift our focus and save Italy for another year.

Next step to realizing this vision was pitching the idea to our guys, although we were quite sure embarking on a trip to Belize was a sure bet.

Jason and Jeff are both easy going and generally supportive of our crazy ideas. Unfortunately, my husband Jeff was not initially on board. Kelly used her powers of persuasion, making a compelling case of how short life is and reminding him we had all lost loved ones recently. She made a convincing plea to fully live life by making the necessary sacrifices to create amazing memories together. You can't argue with that!

She won him over and booked the Villa Groovy Gecko. Then we spent months drooling over pictures, planning excursions, discussing how to fit in a swimsuit, packing, etc. Having something zesty to look forward saw us through life difficulties, kept us accountable to our health goals and inspired us to work harder.

Belize lived up to the hype!

All of us on the trip (Kelly, Jason, Michele, our mutual friend Laurie, Jeff and I) were all able to meet in Atlanta. From there we boarded a flight to Belize.

Gadabout Gals getting their passports stamped

Once in Belize we hopped on a puddle jumper to Placencia. Thankfully, the Villa Groovy Gecko arranged for assistance at the Belize City airport. The airport was a bit confusing and overwhelming. The short flight to our island home was breath taking. We all sat in silence imagining what the week would hold. Once in Placencia, a driver took us to the Villa Groovy Gecko.

Gadabout Gals on a puddle jumper from Belize City to Placencia

Oh my! The Villa Groovy Gecko was better than the pictures portrayed.

Gadabout Gals in paradise, The Villa Groovy Gecko

Mabel, a very sweet and accommodating hostess, greeted us with a tour of our home for the week. From the moment we arrived, the staff went out of their way to make sure our stay was perfect.

The first morning in Belize I awoke before dawn. I had the idea to watch the sunrise sitting on the end of the pier. Michele had the same idea and we both witnessed a spectacular kick off to our week in Belize. This became our morning ritual. I posted to Facebook, watching the sunrise is witnessing God in all his glory! Soaking in every single second. I can sleep when I get home.

Gadabout Gals awaken to breathtaking sunrises every morning in Belize

Our first full day in our Belizean home was spent soaking it all in. We didn’t get out of our bathing suits all day. Pool time, being pampered by our chef, a nap on a hammock on the pier, dancing, kayaking with Jeff, and recreating a picture I held for months. A victorious jump off the end of the pier in victory of a bucket list dream checked off.

Gadabout Gals taking a leap... daring to do what no others in their prime will do

Gadabout Gals poolside in our dreamy vacation home in Belize
Yeah, we got a little fried that day

A little rain could not stop the party at the Groovy Gecko. The next day Jeff chauffeured Kelly, Michele and I in a golf cart to explore the area a bit. We took a misty walk on a near by beach and sang in the rain. Our group took a cab into the village and had lunch at the Tipsy Tuna and did a little shopping. Then we had an epic dance party in the foyer of our “mansion” and finished the day with dinner on the pier at a luxurious resort, The Placencia Hotel and Residence.

Memorable Moments

It is safe to say that we soaked in every second of our vacation.

Here are a few of our favorites moments...

Massages on the pier

Gadabout Gals getting massages on a pier in Belize

A Waterfall Excursion

Village life

Jason & Kelly’s snorkeling trip

Lux time at the Placencia Hotel pool

The perfect finale to our dream vacation was a sunset cruise with Nautical Adventures Belize. The owners, Lee and Garrick had come to our home earlier in the week to share what we could expect on our sail. Our group all loved them from the first introduction. The scheduled day for our sunset sail the weather wasn't ideal. Lee and Garrick called and asked us to reschedule. We were so impressed that they would sacrifice potential profits to insure their guests had the best possible experience. The night of our sail ended up being a perfect evening and ending to an amazing vacation. We loved our captain and his mate. They were fun, entertaining, and the perfect hosts. Our cocktail glasses were never empty. The captain perfectly positioned the sail boat for us to witness a breath taking sunset, and then sailed us into star lit night.

Every day we packed in the fun and learned so much about each other. For instance, we learned Michele still has her majorette moves, Jason dreams of conducting investing seminars, Kelly is a fearless Jane of the Jungle, Laurie is a karaoke diva and Jeff has crazy dance moves. I’m not sure what revelations they had of me. You’ll have to ask them.

Gadabout Gals travel well, and drink well with others.  Sugar Pie Tees design

One thing is for sure. We travel well together. After many heartfelt chats, while floating around the pool with a cocktail in hand, we have decided to bet on another dream. Gadabout Gals, our three pronged approach to embracing life in our prime and using our combined influence to actively promote travel destinations and experiences.

Gadabout Gals... until our next adventure

Take a minute to read About the Gadabout Gals. We are open for business!

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