When Tiff comes to town

Our Gadabout Gals friendship developed over the past ten years through social media and get-togethers when Tiff comes to town.

Gadabout Gals about town
Always an adventure when Tiff comes to town!

Gadabout Gal Tiffany here... visiting Ohio this week! If you follow any one of us on our numerous social media accounts, you will likely see a ton of posts labeled "Tiff's in town."

What's up with Tiff coming to town? Glad you asked...

I have traveled between Texas and Ohio since 2011, when my hubby Jeff decided it was his turn to live in his home state of Texas. He convinced me to move with a promise I could go home anytime I want. A promise I hold him to often!

I contact Michele and Kelly as soon as I know of an upcoming trip to Ohio. I look forward to making memories when "Tiff comes to town."

Kelly is excellent at keeping up with the latest hot spots in Columbus and usually has several recommendations. {Seriously, if you want trendy recommendations... she's your gal!}

Regardless where we end up, there will be a toast given to good food and great friends! True Story... we hold a cocktail in most of our pictures!

As you can imagine, a whole heck of a lot has happened in our lives since 2011. Life has dealt us all very different hands. Social Media is not only responsible for our friendship (meeting on Twitter in 2009), it keeps us in the loop until we can get together again.

It is so fun to look back on the years in pictures.... our zest for life has created many memorable moments!

My trip to Ohio kicked off with Picnic With The Pops in the Columbus Commons.

Kelly, Jason (aka Gadabout Guy), my daughter Emily and I enjoyed a perfect midwest evening on the lawn listening to Rick Springfield.

Picnic with the Pops is a chance to see a favorite musician preform with the Columbus Symphony on the lawn of the Columbus Commons. We packed a picnic basket, favorite beverage and grabbed some chairs for this fun event. Rick Springfield was VERY entertaining... as was the people watching.

Gadabout Gals at Picnic With The Pops on the lawn of the Columbus Commons.

The next big adventure was an afternoon in Delaware, Ohio.

I love this town! Delaware has an All-American small town feel, with so many cherished memories for me. My grandparents lived on Sandusky Street in the same house for about seventy years. They met at the iconic Buns Restaurant, then later my Dad worked there. My grandpa used to walk to Buns every morning to have breakfast with the guys after he retired. If only the walls could talk!

We started our day with lunch at 12 West. This wonderfully fresh Mexican restaurant is one of Michele's favorite lunch spots. The weather was perfect to eat al fresco!

No matter where we go... we always find a cool mural for a photo shoot. A mirror mosaic is a hidden gem behind the Restoration Brew Worx Building. Rhianna's song Shine Bright Like A Diamond came to mind as we were having fun posing. I've always liked the one line, "Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy."

This little town has done a great job supporting their local businesses. Their downtown has a unique mix of eateries, breweries, shopping, and very few empty storefronts. A few of our favorite stops were Olivina Taproom, Honey & Abernathy, Coffeeology and Ciao Cafe.

Toasting Friendship

Well... It's only appropriate that we toast a perfect day with Scout & Cellar's 2017 Pios.

We'll toast another great trip later this week at Urban Emporium, Kelly's store in Bexley, where I will be offering a private Scout & Cellar wine tasting during an evening Sip and Shop.

Stayed tuned, Michele will be sharing about the event soon.

Gadabout Gals toasting friendship with a Scout & Cellar Pios.

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