What I can't leave behind

I'm not sure when I became the girl who needs to check luggage. I used to be an effecient carry-on traveler, and proud of it. My inability to pack light became worse with my addiction to Young Living* essential oils. Essential oils is an integral part of my daily routine that I can't leave behind. Stuffing all the essential oils I might need into a zip lock bag for air port security is not practical.

For perspective... here is a glimpse of my home apothecary.

Gadabout Gal Tiffany's home apothecary of Young Living essential oils

Not to mention my box of extra oils... and the 12 bottles laying around the house.

Gadabout Gal Tiffany's home apothecary of Young Living Essential Oils

Deciding what to pack is difficult for me. What if I need digestive support? DiGize is a must! What if I need help with sleep? Packing Cedarwood and Lavender! Staying hydrated is always better with a little Lemon, Grapefruit, or Lime Vitality oil in my water. Traveling will eventually have me dragging my wagon. Peppermint essential oil always puts a pep in my step, and freshens my breath ;). What if the hotel is stinky? Purification will be needed. For overall wellness I can't leave home without my trusty Thieves. AND...Can I really survive a day without Frank???

On my last trip to Ohio I trimmed it down... only because I knew my family had essential oils I could borrow. I used a case that comes with the Thieves Home Cleaning Kit. It doesn't fit as many oils as I'd like to take, but it worked for this trip.

If you are like the old me... a die hard/carry on bag traveler... here's the 411 on the TSA 3-1-1.

Only 3 ounce size containers that fit in a 1 quart-sized zip-lock container. And only one bag per person. It makes more sense to pack the 5ml bottles to have a better variety of essential oils. If your savvy... ask your hubby (or travel partner) to carry zip lock too. If you are willing to share, coordinate essential oils with the group you are traveling with.

Inquiring minds want to know...

  • Are there essential oils that you can't leave behind?

  • What is your favorite travel case for essential oils?

  • How do you stay mindful of wellness while you are traveling?

Travel Tip: Word to the wise. Whether you're packing your essential oils in a carry on bag or in checked luggage, be sure to pack them in a sealed package. I arrived to NOLA last year with luggage that smelled like Citronella (don't ask why I brought that one). Also, get yourself a travel diffuser* for the hotel room.

*disclosure: Links provided are affiliate links for Tiffany's Young Living business and Amazon account.

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