Truth in the Trevi legend

In March 2011 my hubby and I took a dream trip to Italy. Who doesn't dream of Italy?

I envisioned going to Italy from the time I was a little girl. I'm not from Italian decent, but my heart beats for Italy. Friends and family back home were placing bets that I would not return. Even Jeff worried somewhat. I could never stay away from my family and friends back in the states, but tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain in hopes of returning to Italy one day.

Our two week itinerary...

Jeff and I flew into Florence and spent the first few days there. From there we went to Sienna, Rome, Naples, Lucca and back to Florence. Italy did not disappoint. Without going into too much detail, I loved each town for different reasons. Sienna has an open square, where ate the best pizza ever! Rome is rich in history, DUH. Although, I can see why Elizabeth Gilberts friends called Rome sex. (see video below) We lived like locals in Naples. We unexpectadly discovered a flea market in Lucca. That was an unforgettable day! Florence is incredible art.

I love this clip from Eat Pray Love! Every city has a word:

In Rome we did what all tourists must do. Legend has it tossing a coin over your shoulder ensures you will return to Rome in the future. Fun fact: An estimate of 1.5 million dollars is thrown into the fountain a year. LOTS of people hope to return! We experienced the Trevi Fountain both day and night! It's nice to experience it in the daytime and equally as beautiful all lit up at night. I tossed my coin with eternal optimism. Jeff and I joked about it. Who gets to go to Italy twice in their lifetime?

Sidenote: Get the Roma Pass. It is so worth it!

A sizable chunk of our time was spent in Naples. We rented an apartment and lived like locals, giving us insight into what life might be like. Jeff loved to cook our meals, shopping at the local market for fresh ingredients each day. We strolled the streets and sat on our terrace overlooking the neighborhood each night. And YES... I it was fun to live in Naples, if only for a week.

I spent a lot of time snapping shots of everyday life, from a tourist perspective.

A day trip to Capri gave me a foretaste of a future trip with my Gadabout Gals eight years later. I'll explain shortly.

First, let me share a few highlights from our day excursion.

Turns out there is truth in the Trevi legend!

The Gadabout Gals are planning an Italian trip in September 2019, flying into Rome. We'll spend the first two days in Rome, where I'll get to return to the Trevi with my best friends! I can't wait to recreate pictures with them! Praiano, a small town near Positano will be our home base. Researching and planning our trip has my heart soaring for Italy once again.

Every time I travel to a new place, I wonder what great discovery could be just a block away? Although I cherish the amazing memories of our trip to Naples and Capri, I had no idea the jaw dropping beauty just around the corner. I'm having so much fun following a few vloggers, Nicki Positano is my favorite. The Gadabout Gals have plenty of time to orchestrate an epic adventure. Check out our Planning Piano, Italy Pinterest Board, a growing collection of ideas. Of course, we are always open to suggestions! What are your favorite excursions and restaurants on the Almalfi coast?

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For now, sempre nel mio cuore! Caio!

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