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Traveling? Consider A Host Gift. Here Are Some Ideas

Does your upcoming travel include a stay at a friends place or time with a friend acting as your personalized local tour guide? If so, a token of appreciation would be, well appreciated! Just call it a gesture of goodwill.

Anytime I stay with someone, or travel with someone I give a gift of appreciation. Whether I make and take something with me, purchase something while on vacation to give at the end of my stay, or create something and have it sent to them a week or two later, a hostess gift has always been a pleasant surprise.

I thought I'd share some gifts I shared to give you possible ideas.

1. A make a take custom made tray of goodies. I just wrapped up a quick overnight road trip to my sisters so I thought I'd make her a special tray of goodies that includes gluten-free snacks, organic coffee and teas, a soy candle, artisan cheese and local olive oil. When everything is taken off the tray she has a cute mirrored tray to use with her home decor. This was easy to do since I drove there. This wouldn't be the best choice if I had to fly.

2. A take it in your luggage gift. Books and a little ornament make easy to pack thank you gifts. I always like to find unique and colorful books, journals or a combination of both. Shhhh, this one is for my two Gadabout Gal Pals. We always find cute things that fit our personalities and give each other a little something every time we see each other. When I saw this book I thought it was perfect for my colorful, extraordinary friends in the prime of their lives!

3. A good purchase when you're there gift is a small succulent plant in a cute china saucer. This way you don't need to worry about killing anything while transporting. I find that succulents add a nice touch. And if they don't have a green thumb then there are always fake ones that look real. So what do you think, is the one on the right real or fake? Hmmmm. I'm not going to tell.

4. A combo transport and purchase while you are there gift. It's easy to stick a cute tea towel with a clever saying in your suitcase. Once at your destination and while out shopping, pick up a nice bottle of wine and a cute basket or bag to put it in. And you know you don't need to stop at just one! Or, if you're like me and you like Scout & Cellar, clean-crafted wine then after your trip ship a bottle of one of their favorites to them as a thank you, like the Middle Jane Pinot Noir. Trust me, this is a good one! Cheers!

5. An order and send after your visit gift. I absolutely love to create memory magnets after my trips. I make one for me to put on my fridge and I always make one for whoever I traveled with. Everyone always appreciates this. In today's day of digital images most of our photos stay in our phones. I like to pick some highlight photos to put on display to remember the vacation and what easier way to do so then on a magnet. I usually get mine through Shutterfly. Easy to make, lots of templates and quick turnaround.

I hope these five quick ideas were helpful. Happy travels and have fun making a host gift.

Travel Tip: When shopping for a thank you gift keep in mind things your host likes to incorporate some personal touches. Also consider if they are on a special diet, or shop local before you leave and take a piece of you to leave behind.

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