Travel Journals, from fancy to function

Gadabout Tiffany here, you can call me Tiff.... everyone does. :)

I admire beautiful travel journals! As I troll through Pinterest, the pins that inspire me are down right fancy works of art. Alas, mine end up more functional than fancy. Regardless of style, recording our adventures into some sort of book helps savor the memories.

Travel journals, from function to fancy
Pinterst ideas that catch my eye!

I wish I had been a scrapbooker when my children were young. My nephews have beautiful memories artfully stored in acid free paper. My children have notebooks stuffed haphazardly with maps, pictures, little notes and momentos. For instance, the pictures below demonstrates my way of recording a road trip we took from Ohio to Texas. My husband wanted us to see his home state (he wanted to convince us to move there). It is fun to look through the pages... not pretty, but very precious to me.

Travel journals, from fancy to function
November 2004, on a stop in Chappell Hill, Texas. Ironically, Jeff and I would live down the road ten years later!

Creating Shutterfly photo books is both fancy and functional. These books are definitely a creative outlet (fancy). They stack up for easy storage (functional). I created a book for our trip to Italy, our 25th wedding anniversary in NOLA and more recently our Gadabout Gals trip to Belize in May.

Not all journals need to be fancy.... some are purely functional. I am a huge fan or recording my thoughts in a journal. I want to remember all the little details of each day. I recorded vivid memories of our trip to Belize in a perfect journal Michele had bought me. It says, "Your were born with wings." on the cover. We met with our coffee and journals in hand at the end of the pier, to experience the glorious sunrise and write in our journals each morning.

I already have a journal picked out for our next adventure. It is the perfect sentiment for the next phase of my life.

Pro Tip: Shutterfly has huge sales. Watch for their 50% off hardcover photo books sales. There was one is June and again in August.

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