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This Post Is Going To Be Cheesy: Mozzarella Cheesy That Is

Ciao Amici, Gadabout Gal Michele here. It is so hard to believe that it has been over four months since we were at the Amalfi Coast. So many great moments that are now incredible memories! One of my favorite moments was the day I made Mozzarella cheese in Ravello with Biagio at Caseificio Staiano di Biago. If you are planning an Amalfi Coast vacation this year, be sure to include Ravello and a visit to Biagio's Latteria.

Ravello is such a story-book town situated above the Amalfi Coast which creates incredible views! I mean, check these out. And a bit further down this post I'll add some of the coast with the most incredible cotton candy sunset!

It's also home to one of the most joy-filled men, who happens to be a cheesemaker, that I have ever met - Biagio Staiano. The moment you walk into the door you are greeted with a smile from ear to ear and a sparkle in his eyes. He quickly became one of my favorites on the Amalfi Coast!

Please excuse the lunch lady hair net. Oh my!

For the class it was only Gadabout Guy Jeff and myself, so I felt very spoiled having such a private class with this master mozzarella maker. Biagio speaks very little English, so luckily his lovely wife was there to help with the language barrier and to take photos.

We had to stir the gooey mozzarella with a very large wooden paddle, then we had to pull the stringy cheese up the paddle.

To form it into the round ball there is a special technique that looks much easier than it actually is, at least for a beginner such as myself. But by the end of the class I learned how to roll, tuck under, choke and pinch the cheese turning it into a beautiful round ball of incredible deliciousness!

After we made the cheese Biagio prepared a platter for us to taste. He also invited the rest of our gang for a sampling of what we made along with some other incredible cheeses from his Latteria.

All the cheese was incredibly delicious. But the mozzarella, oh the mozzarella was like nothing I've ever tasted! Fresh, creamy, buffalo milk - delicious! I will never have another caprese like this again (unless of course I go back to visit, which I definitely see in my future). Maybe Biagio's joy was contagious, but sharing the cheese that we made with our friends while sipping on wine was one of the most fun times in my life. One I will cherish forever! An experience I highly recommend adding to your itinerary. Trust me, you will love every minute of this!

I found Biagio through Facebook (linked above), his website and Instagram. We did our communicating through social media - DMs in Instagram, Messenger in Facebook and his email which he was great at responding to any and all. The cost of a class (at least when I took it was only 60 Euro which included the class, cheese tasting and wine. We had to pay in cash). The class was 90 minutes long and the time just flew. I could have spent hours chatting with him and his lovely wife. They really made us all feel welcomed, comfortable and very happy!

Biagio, you are one of my favorite memories. Grazie mille amico mio!!

Oh and that cotton candy sunset, we saw this while having a cocktail at the Garden after class (it came highly recommended by Biagio). A perfect ending to a perfect day! Cin Cin!

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