The night I spent in a brothel

How many women can honestly brag about staying a night in a brothel? Well, I can.

Before you get the wrong idea about me, my husband and I were on a date night.

Our friend Abbey Road had purchased The Old Coupland Dance Hall, about 30 miles east of Austin, a whole year before we finally had a chance to visit. We were excited to catch up with her and knew it would be the whole package... dinner, dance and an overnight stay in a bed & breakfast {brothel style}.

Abbey is one feisty, hard working entrepreneur... whom I totally admire.

I first met her through a conversation online about Burton, TX. I had just moved to Burton and was about to open my store, Flown The Coop. I was using my various social media platforms in an attempt to get much needed publicity. Abbey had moved to New York and was wanting to move back when she came across some of my posts. Her and I immediately connected through a vision for Burton.

She had a contagious vision for the Burton Auto Company. She coined the phrase "Where The Back Roads Ends" one night sitting on the front porch of the White Horse dreaming of revitalizing the abandoned building across the street. A phrase that is fitting for the secret little town of Burton. Despite her dogged pursuit of bringing a dance hall to Burton, it just wasn't in the cards. Her dream was waiting for her in Coupland.

It wasn't until Jeff and I spent the evening at her dream-come-true that we grasped what Burton missed out on!

All the "back roads" in Abbey's life led to Coupland.

Her experience with Luckenbach, Texas and Threadgill's in Austin allowed her the contacts and the know-how to book the amazing talent for this legendary venue where several movies like "Lonesome Dove" were filmed.

In an interview by Lindsay Liepman with CBS, Austin, Abbey is asked if this is how she would writer her own script. " couldn't write this s***," said Abbey with a laugh and then covering her mouth.

Not affraid of a little work, Abbey has commandeered the pit herself as a Pit Mistress. BBQ is serious business in Texas. She finds her pit that holds 1400 pounds of meat empowering! The whole menu is amazing! Be sure to save room for Donna's Stuffed Brownie!

{Again... I failed as a travel blogger and have no pictures of the dishes we had... but believe me it was delish!}.

After dinner, Jeff and I enjoyed live music and watching couples two step. If you haven't experienced a Texan dance hall... you're missing out! We've never mastered the two step well enough to do it in front of strangers, but it's fun to watch. The full bar kept us hydrated and happy! ;). At the end of the evening we only had to stumble up the stairs to our room.

The next day I posted our adventure to Facebook:

Had so much fun last night watching fancy dancers, the bands were great, and Oh.My.Gosh the BBQ was SO good! It was fun to catch up with Abbey Road! And now I can say that I stayed the night in a brothel. 🙂

Abbey's response: Hooker. ❤️

So fun!!!

Coupland Dancehall truly is a place to Eat. Drink. Dance. Stay a little longer.

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Travel Tip: Stop by the little town of Elgin on your trip. Much like Burton, you need to get off the highway to explore it.

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