Royer's Round Top Cafe, the flavor of hospitality

Royer's Round Top Cafe, an iconic restaurant!

Royer's Round Top Cafe is the flavor of hospitality! Located in Round Top, Texas with a population of 90. This tiny town half way between Houston and Austin is the home of the longest running Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi... AND ... the BUCKET LIST bi-annual Texas Antiques Week (or WEEKS). Thousands of people flock to this area during these events! Royer's reputation is just as large and bucket list worthy! The savvy tourist will make a reservation.

Sitting on the front porch visiting with the people who will likely be seated at your table is part cozy experience! If you are lucky, Bud will be sitting in King Bud the Pieman chair directing the flow.

Inside is a feast for the eyes! Everywhere you look is cool memorabilia. I seriously get lost reading everything!

I count my blessings all the time that I live in this area! Despite the fact that we live in the middle of no where, we have great dining choices! Jeff and I usually decide to go out to eat at the last minute. Royer's is always our first choice and will try to work us in.

We have grown to love the whole Royer's family! Bud Royer, the imfamous founder, is known as a bit of a lovable curmudgeon. JB, Bud's son, and his wife Jamie currently own the cafe. They are the most generous and kind people you will ever meet. Just around the corner Bud's daughter, Tara Royer Steele and her husband Rick own Royer's Pie Haven. Rick and Tera are another genuinely big hearted couple. Royer's employees feel like a part of their extended family as well. Even when the cafe is packed, these loving people will take a minute to hug your neck. It is all part of their charming hospitality!

But what about the food? Glad you asked!

In case you can't read the menu... they offer reading glasses at each table. Jeff appreciates this touch of hospitality! After you read the menu, you'll want to read their monthly newsletter. So fun!

Royer's Round Top Cafe is the flavor of hospitality.

Their rolls are to die for... but they actually recommend you not indulge in them. They want you to save room for dessert! Save a roll... eat mo pie! Isn't that sweet of them to warn us?

Royer's Round Top Cafe, the flavor of hospitality.

I haven't had their whole menu... I tend to get my favorite every time. Pork Tenderloin with broccoli salad and jalapeño cheesy grits. It's slap yo mamma good!

Royer's Round Top Cafe the flavor of hospitality

I've also tried the shrimp n grits. YUMMMM! Their Grilled Shrimp BLT is another one I love! Jeff loves their Steak Special... yes OMG!

Royer's Round Top Cafe, the flavor of hospitality

Our go-to pie choice is Shannon's Lemon-Blueberry Pie! You really can't go wrong with any of their pies. By the way... they ship their pies!

Angie, one of our favorite waitresses and good friend, is modeling a famous Royer's pie... and a Sugar Pie Tee!

I wish I had pictures of their Sunday Conlee's Fried Chicken Dinner. They serve this every Sunday from noon until they run out. You really haven't lived until you've had it!

Our local status has landed us a seat at several of JB's cooking classes. These events are always a lot of fun. We learn a lot and leave with family secrets.... not that we've ever tried to make them at home. We actually learned to make Royer's famous fried chicken at the last event... OH YEAH! It was a fun cooperative cooking experience with Yonder Way Farms, another local business we love!

The first time the Gadabout Gals experienced Royer's Round Top Cafe together.

March 2017 the Gadabout Gals met in my neck of the woods for Texas Antiques Week (look it up.. good luck getting a grasp of what that's all about). The Gals barely had a chance to bring in their luggage when I swept them off to dinner at Royer's! I wanted to kick off our time together right... and we had reservations!

The Gadabout Gals experiencing Royer's Round Top Cafe, the flavor of hospitality!

If I remember right... we all had shrimp n grits!

Is your mouth watering yet???? Get out your bucket list and add Royer's Round Top Cafe! Everyone needs to experience the flavor of hospitality!

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