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Needed Rest, Unique Adventure, How About Both!

Creating a personalized vacation stay 6-8 weeks before arriving at my bucket list vacation to Miraval Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas was extremely exciting and had me filled with anticipation to experience some serious me-time!

If you read my earlier Travel Diary Entry you know that at the beginning of September I visited Miraval Resort & Spa. To read more about how that trip came about, and what the resort was like you can read my Miraval Resort Vacation = Miravalous! entry.

As soon as I knew that the calendar for my stay was filled with experiences for me to peruse I went to the Daily Schedule to look at all the wonderful options. I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many incredible experiences, all so vastly different. It was then that I decided for my personalized trip that I wanted a mixture of relaxation, meditation, adventure, and pampering. I was ready to fill my days with experiences, yet still wanted to make sure I had enough downtime between sessions to have some food and enjoy the pool.

Since I was arriving in the evening on my first day, I decided to wait on the activities, and instead, take some time to become familiar with the campus, have a good dinner, and just enjoy the sites of being in a new place.

After dining at the Hilltop Crossing Kitchen and having a delicious Halibut on top of sweet corn puree (something I will crave), I decided to order breakfast to my room for the morning so that I could relax before living the itinerary I created weeks ago. Three days of being open to experiencing new situations, learning, relaxing, and just soaking everything in sounded absolutely perfect.

To show you the variety of each day, below is the personalized itinerary I chose for my stay. Because of COVID some activities were not being offered, or classes were being held in smaller numbers to practice safe social distancing. But that did not lessen my experience one bit. In fact, it made it really nice that the pandemic, for once, was not top of mind. It actually felt like an escape from the craziness that 2020 has dealt us.

I really liked the variety of each day. I also liked that I gave myself plenty of time between sessions to recharge, refuel, or just relax. This schedule also allowed me to either Grab & Go food from the Nest, sit in the restaurant or on the patio overlooking Lake Travis, sip a glass of afternoon vino, or freshen up before my spa treatment. The Life in Balance Spa was wonderful even though it offered a limited menu of spa services and the capacity of treatment rooms was reduced. Safety and well-being are a top priority and I appreciated it very much. There was plenty of space and everyone wore masks the entire time which alleviated stressful feelings.

Being active and hiking, cardio drumming, and participating in cooking classes at the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen provided a good mixture of activity ...

But the Hatchet Throwing was a surprising favorite. Maybe because Summer, who was our Indian guide, was not just showing us the technique, but was also sharing a practice she learned from her ancestors that started hundreds of years ago. It was also raining during this session which sort of had a cleansing element to it. At any rate, I fully appreciated the experience. I also found out that I was pretty good!

Miraval is known for its wellbeing activities. "Our integrated wellbeing activities encourage you to break barriers and leap forward into a balanced, open future. We help you define and expand boundaries, so you can cope with change—or make it."

My next and final Miraval vacation Travel Diary Entry later this week will focus on the incredible, wellbeing experience that I fully embraced. It started with a letter I received in my welcome tote. The letter welcomed me and also explained how Miraval colleagues and providers wear name tags that celebrate Miraval with the phrase "I am" followed by a word they have chosen to represent their connection to that special place and what characterizes their true essence. It was encouraged to ask anyone about their word so they could share their Miraval moment. They share in hopes that their moment might resonate, and create feelings that might surface during my stay creating my own internal "I am" statement.

Then the letter had one simple line that said: "I am ________________ (fill in a word that is meaningful to you)."

I thought for a moment, but it didn't take long for a word to come to mind. I felt it was obvious. I am Creative. But as my trip progressed and I allowed myself to be open and reflect on my experiences, my word organically changed and it was revealed from deep within.

Miraval reminded me that I am Worthy.

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