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Miraval Resort Vacation = Miravalous!

My long-awaited bucket list canceled and rescheduled, all-inclusive resort vacation finally happened! Yes, my March turned September trip was worth the wait, and every second exceeded my expectations. Miraval Austin is beautiful, relaxing, full of adventure, and I highly recommend this as a destination not to be missed!

Yes, I did travel in a pandemic, with extreme precautions. To find out more about that read my Traveling During A Pandemic Travel Diary Post for all the details on how I made the decision to travel now and what travel was actually like.

Because there are so many incredible pieces to this vacation I thought I'd break my Travel Diary entries up to cover each portion in detail. Today's entry is about the resort overall and how I planned for my stay so that I would be able to take in everything I wanted while there.

Miraval is a resort and spa that focuses on healing, relaxation, and adventure. Specialists, who are extremely knowledgable and nurturing, create mindful experiences to help create a life in balance. How perfect is that, especially in a stressful 2020! Miraval has three U.S. resort and spa locations - the original in Arizona, the newest one in the Berkshires, and Austin where I stayed in the beautiful Texas Hill Country overlooking Lake Travis.

And both the sunset and sunrise in the hills will stop you in your tracks. Yes, everyone stopped to watch the show, each one different every day and night, to be still in the beautiful moment. Breathtaking!

Accommodations at Miravel are elegant, spalike, and crisp. Simple elegance and so relaxing! There are 117 guest rooms in 13 separate lodges that are connected by meandering paths along the rolling hills. When I booked my stay I decided on the Queen Dreamcatcher on the 2nd floor. This gave me a private balcony and faced the East to catch the sunrise.

My room package also gave me daily resort credits that I could use towards any paying service from spa treatments to cooking classes, to special experience classes (although many classes are free and are included in your stay). With my daily credits and all-inclusive meals at either the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen, the Nest, The Nook, or The Discovery Cafe, (and the food is delicious! Many meals I will crave), I did not spend anything extra with the exception of an occasional glass of wine or craft cocktail, and the shirt I purchased at the Preserve Provision Company gift shop.

Cheers! A little glass of afternoon vino as I watched the relaxing rain under the covered patio!

But even before heading to Miraval, weeks out the resort is in communication with you to plan your personalized stay. Various experiences from Wellbeing, Outdoor Activity, Yoga & Fitness, Culinary, Equine and Sustainable Living have various options to chose from. So many incredible choices, even if some COVID modifications had to be made at this time.

I worked with an Experience Planner to create an itinerary that was just right for me. I wanted to select various types of experiences that included outdoor adventure, meditation and yoga, culinary, spa treatments, and time to relax by the pool. They have two pools actually that both overlook the beautiful hills.

If you're not renting a car getting to the resort is easy. An Experience Planner will also assist you with a shuttle service to take you directly to the resort and return you to your departure gate at the airport. The shuttle is about a 30-40 minute drive from the airport depending on the Austin traffic, which can be very crowded. One of the benefits of traveling during COVID was that many people were working remote making the roads less congested. When your shuttle turns and heads up the hill you are greeted by a large fountain, and a wonderfully laid out resort just ready to be explored. After checking-in you are given a golf cart tour of the property and a ride to your lodge to get settled.

A couple items of note: Miraval strongly believes in living in the present and does have a cell phone and digital device policy. Miraval guests are required to unplug from all digital devices, including cellphone, e-readers, tablets,and focus on living in the present momentand being aware of your surroundings. They even offer a cellphone "sleeping bag" in your arrival gift (which was either a lovely tote or backpack filled with goodies). With this though, they do understand that you may want to capture your experience on your phone camera, but ask that you are mindful of the other guests on property. I did use my phone sparringly to capture video and photos, but it did feel good to unplug and just be for a few days.
Also, if you are nearby, Miraval does offer day passes. While there, I met many people from nearby Austin spending the day filled with experiences. It definitely made me wish I lived closer!

This stay definitely not only made me want to return one day but to also check out their Arizona location. My son has plans to move southwest in 2021 so that is definitely a realistic possibility!

Stay tuned for my next Travel Diary entry where I will share the many excursions that I experienced during my stay, as well as share what the rock towers below mean. At Miraval, you see these in various places and I created these two while there.

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