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Love, Scratch, Comfort And All The Flavors Of The Whitney House

What a treat it was earlier this week when Gadabout Gals Kelly and Michele met for dinner at The Whitney House. Both of us have enjoyed brunch there on a couple occasions, but never dinner. Neither of us had any idea what we were missing!

Located in downtown Worthington, Ohio, The Whitney House serves made-from-scratch, rustic-yet-refined, American comfort food using fresh and local ingredients.

Paying homage to the homes and kitchens of the past, The Whitney House wants everyone to feel at home treating them like family by offering food and drinks made with love.

We started the evening with cocktails. Being a gin fan, Michele enjoyed the MARY RICHARDS made with Nolet’s gin, Suze, grapefruit liqueur, and rosemary simple which was served in a fabulous old-fashioned champagne glass and adorned with a thin lemon rind on the edge of the glass. So fancy this drink made her feel like she was going to "make it after all."

Enjoying Tequila, Kelly sipped on the BORN A PIERCE IN QUEENS made with Watershed BBG, poblano liqueur, muddled cucumber, fresh lime, and mezcal spritz. This drink was inspired by Barbara Bush because they admired her humanitarian work. Kelly was inspired by this cocktail.

Before our main course we nibbled on the Herb-Crusted Goat Cheese Ball Snacks served with a tomato jam. These were recommended by our spectacular waiter, Ferris. They were so delicious (and we were so hungry) that we failed to stop to take a picture. Oops.  Instead you get a photo of Kelly, Ferris and Michele. If you visit The Whitney House when Ferris is working we'd definitely recommend requesting him as your waiter. He's knowledgeable, friendly and has a good sense of humor. Oh and we would definitely recommend the Herb-Crusted Goat Cheese Ball Snacks too - yum!

Then came our entrees and boy were they delicious!

Kelly had the Sunday Fried Chicken Special

Kelly had the Sunday Fried Chicken Special and Michele had the Chili-braised Pork Shank with harissa potatoes, seared asparagus and onion aioli.

Both were incredible and were exactly how they describe their food - rustic yet refined. We'd even saying comforting and classy. Take a look at these photos so you can see what we mean. Boy we wish there was a way for you to sample a bite right now!

And since we were doing it up, we couldn't leave without dessert, of course. We decided to split one, you know half the calories (haha). We settled on the Blondie & Coffee Ice Cream made with local ice cream, and a homemade marshmallow (toasted table side), drizzled with Kahlua-chocolate sauce. Oh my, oh my!

It was divine but we were stuffed so even with sharing we couldn't finish it but we enjoyed every single sinful bite!

Both Gals left full and satisfied and agreed we'd return again for any meal. We give this four thumbs up (two from each of us). If you've been to The Whitney House we'd love to hear what you tried in the comments below.

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