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Looking Back on Another 365

It's hard to believe that it's already July! July is my birthday month and in the blink of an eye I took another 365 day trek around the sun. Years ago I made a conscious effort to live each day with intention and to make the most of every one of those 365 whether traveling or just staying put.

Wishing for a year filled with magic and dreams, good madness and adventures. And hoping in the next year I would surprise myself.

What a BIG year 51 was - travel, adventure, friends, family and some of my most favorite moments - EVER! I always start my new year with family time on Lake Erie. It has become a special annual tradition that I definitely look forward to. This past year I also explored New Orleans, Burton and Austin Texas, Traverse City, Chicago, Nashville, Knoxville and the big dream vacation in Belize!

As you can tell, I love taking pictures. That way I can enjoy looking back at where I went and what I experienced. Photos trigger the memories that make me feel like I'm revisiting that moment any time I want. When you look back at your last year have you done all of the things that you wanted to do? How about some of them? Are you living with intention and enjoying your moments?

You know, a destination is not only a place, but it's how you see things not only with your eyes but with your mind as well.

I obviously love to travel and have so many more places on my list (I add more all the time). I will start my next 365 trek in a couple weeks once again with family on Lake Erie. After that my adventure board for this new year already includes a Fall trip to Texas with a visit to Magnolia Market & Silos in Waco (Hey, Chip and Joanna), Phoenix before the holidays, and the big trip that I've dreamed of ALL my life - Italy in Fall of 2019 (with my Gadabout Pals - Gals and Guys)! Rome and Amalfi Coast here we come and I can't wait!! (Although technically Italy is actually on the following year's adventure board). I'm sure as the year goes on I will add more destination to this year's list because this gal can't sit still for too long!

So in a couple weeks when I close my eyes and make a birthday wish it will include music, chocolate, barefoot walks, hugs, and plenty of fun adventures! I love Barefoot Five and her raw truth! My wish will also be for you - that you live out your life adventures with intention and to make this strange ride more fun!

Travel Tip: Each year on my birthday I create an adventure board. Whether it is filled with far away lands, road trips or weekend explorations in my own town, I create a year filled with adventures and plenty to look forward to! Mine is simple, written in chalk on a board in my home office. If you're not already doing this perhaps this is something you might want to start creating too?!

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