Kelly's 5 FAVE Travel Instagram Accounts (*right now)

Hey there, Gadabout Gal Kelly here with a question:

Do you Instagram?

And more specifically….do you follow #travel or any travel bloggers on Instagram?

If you LOVE to travel (like we Gadabout Gals do)…I’m tellin’ ya…Instagram is IT!

SO many fun travel buffs, bloggers and photographers are now on Insta, posting their FAB travel pics and tips. It’s a goldmine for people who obsessively want to see and research a possible vacation destination…or just want to drool over unbelievably beautiful pics of gorgeous places (and people) around the world.

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That's me in Belize in May 2018, doing my best 'travel blogger beauty shot from behind' pose

Sometimes, I get on Insta….search #travel and fall into a rabbit hole of FABulously beautiful places that I want to put on my travel bucket list and just DREAM about (BTW…we 3 Gadabout Gals each made a list of our Bucket List Travel Destinations, our choices will be posted this Wednesday on our Travel Diary, stay tuned for that!).

SO CHECK THIS OUT ~ I found some recent research among millennial travelers aged 18-33 that indicates their choice of holiday destination is being driven by how ‘Instagrammable’ it is.

The study of 1,000 adults for UK-based holiday rental home insurance provider Schofields has revealed the importance of trips being socially sharable.

Just over 40% of respondents valued how their holiday will appear to their friends and families as the most important factor.


The results in order of popularity were:

  • How ‘Instagrammable’ the holiday will be – 40.1%

  • Cost/Availability of alcohol – 24%

  • Personal development – 22.6%

  • Chances to experience the local cuisine – 9.4%

  • Opportunities for sightseeing – 3.9%

Wow...checking out their results, looks like opportunities for sightseeing are nowhere NEAR as important as the availability of alcohol and how Instagrammable a place is.


So, in the spirit of this recent study and its results….listed below are my


I say *right now…..because we are getting ready to go to New Orleans in

August with a fun group of friends, so I am loving fun food & nightlife NOLA posts right now ~ AND we are planning a Gadabout Gals/Guys trip to Italy (Rome & the Amalfi Coast) in September 2019, so I also love SO many of the beautiful Italy accounts I have been finding.

So without further is my list:


(*right now)

1. Creative Travel Couples

Oh my…the pics on this account are seriously OVER THE TOP! If you are a travelholic couple looking to get engaged or married in a crazy/cool spot, this account will give you some FAB ideas! Maybe you’re already married (like me!) or coupled up…and you just want to post fab pics with your partner…go for it! You can use the hashtag #creativetravelcouples and they might feature your photo!

2. Travel and Leisure

This is the Insta account for the well-known travel magazine and brand. Great photos and info…I subscribe to the mag and love to pour over it every month, dreaming of beautiful and fabulous faraway places to add to my travel bucket list. Their Insta bio says: ‘All of the visual inspiration you need to kick your wanderlust into high gear.’ #truth.

3. Do You Travel

27-year-old Jack Morris (behind the blog "Do you Travel") and his 25-year-old girlfriend Lauren Bullen (@gypsealust) have caused a media frenzy with many of their wanderlust-inducing Instagram shots. It doesn't hurt that they both are extremely photogenic. They travel all over being paid by brands to post content. They say they can charge upwards of $9,000 a post! Wowza. Not a bad gig.

4. Nicki Positano

Nicki is an English makeup artist transplant now living in Positano, Italy (lucky gal!). Her Insta pics are absolutely gorgeous…and she also has a YouTube channel with fun travel videos as well. If you're interested or planning to travel to Italy and the Amalfi coast, you definitely need to check her out!

5. Where NOLA Eats

I’m currently following this account because we are heading to New Orleans in mid-August for our 4th visit and I’m loving all the food/restaurant pics…and interested in finding out about some new and fun places that we might want to try. Also…fab food pics? ALWAYS fun in my feed!

As I mentioned above, I follow SO MANY travel Insta accounts, too TOO many to list here, so I just picked a few of my faves right now.

I’d LOVE to hear about the Insta travel accounts that YOU follow and enjoy, please share them in the comments here below!

#travelholics unite!!

TIP: If you're interested in FAB travel posts and pics but not looking for anything specific, type #travelphotography or #travelblogger in the search won't be disappointed.
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