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Gadabout Gals Doing Some Goodwill

Sitting on the pier and thoughtfully watching the sunrise our last morning in Belize, the Gadabout Gal Trio quietly reflected as feelings of gratitude, appreciation and inspiration filled their souls. Whew, what a moving combination between the brilliance of nature and mixture of emotion!

While living in the very luxurious Villa Groovy Gecko and enjoying all the lavish amenities of our Placencia home, we could not help but notice the extreme poverty in the small village between the airport and our villa. In the Stann Creek District we drove through a small village - Seine Bight at Maya Beach. It was filled with some roadside stands, small stores, and shacks that the residents called home (probably without running water), for about 1,000 residents. From what we could see, plenty of those residents were children. When our taxi would drive through the area on our way to the main village we witnessed many children in uniforms walking up and down the dirt streets. Mainly in groups and many talking and laughing. Even though we didn't talk to these kids they all left an impression and a place in our hearts.

It was while we drove through that small village one last time, looking out the window and taking it all in, that we felt compelled to do something to help make some sort of a positive difference. But what, we weren't sure and since we were on our way to the airport to fly out we knew it had to wait until we returned home.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this travel diary entry, we were filled with appreciation and inspiration. That inspiration quickly turned into drive and created a fire in our bellies that was ready to implode! That drive fueled the birth of the Gadabout Gals and it also fueled our desire to create our passion project, Gadabout Gals Goodwill! Obviously as Gadabout Gals we love to travel, but we also love to give back to the greater good.

With that drive and desire we did a little research on the Seine Bight area and Google led us to the nonprofit Pack For a Purpose. Pack for a Purpose makes your travels meaningful by making an impact in the communities you visit by simply using a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by community projects around the world.

Since we already visited this was not an option, but we did find a donation page organized by the Turtle Inn that was filled with needs for school supplies and the ability to make secure donations through PayPal. So to kick-off our Gadabout Gals Goodwill, and with the help of Luvia at the Turtle Inn, we decided to make a donation designated to the Seine Bight Village school children so they can be equipped with the much needed school supplies for this coming year. We are hopeful that this will put big smiles on little faces!

After our first goodwill gesture, we plan on many more to come. When traveling to a destination across the globe, in the United States, or our own backyards we have decided to spread some goodwill by selecting a needed cause to create awareness, volunteer, or donate much needed items. Any way we can to help spread some goodwill to others in the destinations we visit!

This month Michele is working in her community on a county-wide back to school project that she will share when all the events are complete. Next month Tiffany and Kelly will be visiting New Orleans and have a project in mind while there, and in September Michele will be visiting Tiffany in Texas and they will be looking into a volunteer project while she visits.

When you travel you quickly notice just how big this place is and just how tiny you are. Travel makes you modest and provides perspective. But no matter how small we are, if we are willing, we can make a change even if ever so slightly. Just think about what the outcome could be if everyone made even the tiniest of efforts toward making a change for the good. We're serious, stop what your doing for just a moment and be intentional in this idea . . . . It's mind-blowing! Right?!

Wise words from a man who left us too soon.

Travel Tip: Why not make your mark? Consider putting a little time aside to volunteer at your vacation destination, or pack a few extra small supplies that could help others in a really big way.

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