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Catching and Capturing Peak Season

Even though I love every season for it's own uniqueness Fall is by far my most favorite season of all! Hey, it's Gadabout Gal Michele and I do love Fall! I love the crisp air so I can wear sweaters, sweatshirts, flannels and boots. I love the vibrant colors across the blue sky or gray clouds. I love football and tailgating and all the good food that comes with it. And I love all the Fall outdoor activities from pumpkin picking, hiking, hay wagon rides, apple picking, fire pits and winery touring. It's a spectacular harvest season.

The Smolen-Gulf Bridge in Ashtabula, Ohio

In October the Gadabout Gals are heading to Northeast Ohio and Canada for a winery adventure and to see the Falls. We are calling it Wine and Waterfalls. It should be a most spectacular show of color when we are there. I captured this photo above a few years ago at the Smolen-Gulf Bridge in Ashtabula County. It's the longest covered bridge in the United States. The bridge is 613 feet long and stands 93 feet above the Ashtabula River. With clear width of 30 feet and height of 14 feet 6 inches. I'm definitely going to be taking the Gadabout Gals to this location for a beautiful peak season photo background!

Speaking of peak season, you can see when the Fall Foliage is at its best through the Smoky Mountains website's 2018 Fall Foliage Prediction Map. While no tool can be 100% accurate, this map is meant to help travelers better time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year.

So when we are heading out for our Fall winery trip we will be hitting some incredible peak season colors!

Week of October 22nd prediction

Did you know that each state also has a foliage hotline? I just discovered that recently when I found A State-by-State Guide To Fall Colors on the Trip Savvy website. You can find your state's hotline number here. And then there's always the trusty old Farmer's Almanac that lists out the probable dates of each states peak foliage times.

So as you are planning your fun Fall activities I hope these resources help in deciding when you can enjoy the best color. I'm hoping for a great show this year! And the Gadabout Gals hope to share some of those during our Wine and Waterfalls trip in October!

Fall is an incredible time to capture gorgeous photos. Here are five quick tips and suggestions for great fall photos. 1. Make A Mirror Reflection - water, lighting and windless conditions determine how well the image will be captured; 2. Capture Color Combinations - Frame the most vibrant sunlit reds and yellows against the sky to create the strongest color scheme; 3. Scatter Leaves - If you make it look natural this works well with waterfalls and streams (sprinkle rocks with color); 4. Isolate Colors and Detail - Don’t focus all your efforts on trees—plenty of other flora, such as ferns, blueberry bushes, and other ground plants, take on autumn hues; 5. Create Fall Abstracts - This season is a great time for making impressionistic motion-blurred images. For more details on how to take these images visit Popular Photography.
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