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Buongiorno ... Any Idea What I Just Said?

Yes, good morning from Gadabout Gal Michele. I'm greeting you today in Italian because in just slightly more than one year I am taking my dream vacation to Italy! Well, all the Gadabout Gals and the two Gadabout Guys are going! It's going to be amazing with some time in Rome and the bulk of our stay on the Amalfi Coast! 

Since the trip is next September, I have plenty of time to learn some Italian. Here are a couple fun saying I just found. The first one ... YESSS we are so excited. I for one am already bursting since I've been dreaming of visiting Italy for years!

The second one, even though I'm going solo with two married couples, I do not feel like a third wheel. Jeff and Jason are more like brothers to me and we definitely feel more like a family. But that does bring up a fun and interesting post topic for a later date - Traveling as the single Gal with two married couples!

Ok, but now back to what I'm really writing about. I don't expect to be speaking fluent Italian, but I would at least like to know how to read signs, order food and have some slightly understandable conversations. 

The Italian language is incredibly romantic, thoughtful and almost poetic. For example, I just learned from one of my friends, who frequents Italy and can speak Italian rather well, that one of his favorite words is Tramonto.


Sunset on the Amalfi Coast - Positano

The word itself means sunset. But it implies between or among (tra) the hills/mountains (monto). It say everything about the landscape of this beautiful country. Not only is a sunset on the Amalfi Coast in Positano gorgeous, but the word and the meaning is as well. It's like art and that gives me a new appreciation!


So in order to understand the language I've started taking some time to learn some words either through Internet research, on my app duolingo, and in the Fall or Winter Gadabout Gal Kelly and I are going to take some classes through Italia in Ohio. It looks like they have a great one called Italian For Travelers that is a series of three classes covering language skills, navigating the roads and railways, shopping, and how to handle emergencies. From there I just may start the A1 il Primo Anno – The First Year! It is meant for the absolute beginner or for someone who years ago learned a bit in school or from aging relatives.  I have to be totally transparent here. My recollection of Italian words from my older relatives had to do with either food or swear words. Food words will definitely help, the swear words, not so much. 

So as I prepare for this incredible journey I look forward to learning and taking in all I can about the Italian language and culture so that when I'm there I can truly appreciate and understand. And who knows, if I like it as much as I think I will, I just might seriously consider not coming back. I mean, Under The Tuscan Sun is one of my favorite movies. And no, it's not because of the incredibly dreamy Marcello, I fancy more of a Signor Martini type of guy, it's more about the beauty of the land, the culture, and the people. 

My movie though would be called Under the Amalfi Tramonto

If you have any Italian speaking apps or online resources that you would recommend I would definitely like to hear about them. Feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below.

Tip: To learn a foreign language know your motivation. If you don't have a good reason to learn a language, you are less likely to stay motivated over the long-run.

I think a trip to Italy is definitely a good reason!






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