Brews Cruise - a tour of local New Orleans breweries

Gadabout Tiff here! Here's an idea that will earn you points with your favorite guy....

take him on a brewery tour of New Orleans... on your anniversary.

Jeff and I have celebrated fourteen of our twenty nine anniversaries in New Orleans. An annual trip to the Big Easy started as a surprise party for Jeff's Step-Dad Paul in August of 2005. {Yep, my first trip to New Orleans was the year Katrina struck.} What turned out as a wild adventure, ended up a yearly pilgrimage to celebrate Paul and our anniversary. In fact, In 2014 we renewed our vows on our twenty fifth anniversary in our favorite city, complete with a second line through the French Quarter. It was by far my favorite trip to NOLA!

We were looking for different experiences for our group on our fourteenth annual trip. As I planned our trip, I came across a GoNola article GoNola Top Breweries . Brewery tours are popping up all across the United States. We have our favorites in Texas and Ohio. I knew several people in our large group would enjoy a brewery tour in New Orleans.

I reached out to New Orleans Brews Cruise and spoke with Jeff who helped me navigate a reservation for ten. He was super helpful, offering us a discount code and assuring our group would enjoy the experience.

We were greeted by Jeff at The Avenue Pub on St. Charles where a bus awaited to chauffeur us on our afternoon adventure. On the ride to our first stop, Jeff filled us in on what to expect on our tour and gave us a bit of history about the brewery industry in New Orleans. We would try two beers at each stop and have a brewery tour at two of the stops. The third stop is a micro brewery in a tiny space.

I confess that I am not a beer connoisseur, preferring wine. The beauty of a tour like this is the opportunity to expand horizons. Jeff promised to help us pick the perfect beer at each stop.

Our first stop was Port Orleans Brewing Company. My fist beer was Negra Dorada. Off to a good start! My second beer was Slackwater. I am definitely a brown ale gal.

Port Orleans is a collaboration of businesses minded people. They brew for mainly local businesses and their own tap room. It is a fun space! This brewery felt like a local spot that touristy destination. There is plenty of room for groups to gather around a table or hang out with outdoor games. We enjoyed an impressive tour of the brewery. It's all science here! We also learned that Hopps does not have a pleasant smell.

Our second stop was NOLA Brewing Company. This place is fun!!!! Just check out their taps. I love their website.... "Craft Beers Made By Hand In a Warehouse on the lake side of a street tourists can't pronounce." LOL! Our tour guide Jeff helped me pick my new favorite beer, Breakfast Brown. Then I tried Mr. Beet, a totally different beer. I like Breakfast Brown better. We passed the tour to indulge in Brisket Nachos. Not sorry about that decision!

Our final stop was in one of our favorite areas near Frenchman Street. Brieux Carre Brewing Company is in a tiny little spot we had never seen before. What a gem! All the brewing takes place inside their tap room. According to their website,  "We want our brews to be as weird and interesting as the city we live in.  While we will always have a variety of brews on tap to suit every type of craft beer drinker, it's our goal to challenge ourselves and bring new recipes to the taproom every week."

We enjoyed hanging out on their patio in the back while Jeff ordered our beers for us. My friend John had the Rubber Chicken Rainbow, a sour beer. My hubby had the Brieux Carré Big Beautiful Malt. Just two of the beers with funky weird names!

We will definitely add the Brews Cruise to our list for future trips. We choose the New Orleans Tour. There is also a Northshore Tour and private tours. Several of us talked to Jeff about staying in touch. Book A Tour

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