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 Michele and Tiffany touring the food scene in Austin

Gadabout Michele and Tiffany met in Austin this February for Wanderfest. Wanderfest is an opportunity for inspired women from around the world to gather together, share stories, and build community in the spirit of adventure, sisterhood, and travel.

Wanderfest was a fun weekend of hiking Austin Greenbelts, chatting about travel and exploring Austin's boundless food scene! Narrowing down the choices to a few destinations could not have been an easy task for Jeannine Henderson, a blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. In the end, Jeannine's food tour became one of the highlights of the Gadabout Gals Wanderfest experience.

Our first stop.... Cuvee Coffee.

Cuvee Coffee is a craft coffee roastery on E. 6th Street. Our group enjoyed a coffee tasting of traditional coffee drinks and new cold brew options. Gadabout Tiff, a self professed coffee snob, had an opportunity to try Horchata for the first time. DANG! How could she have missed out on Horchata?

A Cuvee java jolt was just what we needed to kick off our tour!

Next up.... Lazarus Brewing 

Lazarus Brewing is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like most establishments in Austin, this brewery is a family and pet friendly community destination. It’s everything you need to share life with friends

We parked our fun-loving group on a long picnic table with flights of beer and bar snacks. Jeannine scored two for two! We all agreed she picked winning hot-spots... but little did we know it would only get better.

Gadabout Tiff's surprise

Tiff had a pleasant surprise walking to the next destination. As the group progressed down 6th Street Tiff noticed Whisler's, a bar she had been meaning to find for about five years.

In a past life, Tiffany was an antique dealer who set up during the infamous Texas Antiques Week. During a spring show, a gentlemen came through her booth looking for items to furnish a bar he was planning to open in an upcoming area of Austin. He was intrigued by a sign Tiffany had in her booth, but chose to keep looking. Much to her surprise the gentleman returned at the end of the day for the sign, telling her that she just helped name his new bar. Tiffany closed her antique store, Flown The Coop, this past November. It was bitter sweet to see one of her unique finds living on in an extremely cool forever home.

The Tour continued with the Next stop... Tamale House

Tamale House has been family owned and operated since 1958. Their Tex-Mex Restaurant and Beer Garden is located East 6th Street.

Wow. Just Wow! Our group thoroughly enjoyed the authentic Mexican food and was overwhelmed by their genuine hospitality!

Here's Jeannine's spot on Facebook Recommendation...

I love Tamale House! Authentic, delicious Mexican food and drinks crafted with love. Family ran for generations, you don't get any more real that Tamale House. If you go to one Mexican Restaurant in Austin, let it be Tamale House. You won't be sorry. The tamales are the best I have ever had. The fish tacos were superb. The prickly pear margaritas were tasty and the bloody Mary was one of the best I have ever sipped. The flan is creamy perfection. I will visit Tamale House whenever I am in Austin.

Our final stop... Rolling Smoke BBQ

Our group waddled happy bellies down 6th street to check out Rolling Smoke, a food truck serving up SERIOUS BBQ! Their smoking hot team treated us to a sample of their fan favorites, including the insanely delicious smoke Mac N Cheese. We only wish we had room for the banana pudding, a whipped cloud of banana and cream perfection.

Jeannine's "Austin Eats" food tour was just a taste of what Austin has to offer. Have you been to Austin lately? What are your favorite Austin Eats?????

Thanks Jeannine! You organized a winner!

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