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And Then There Was One

Hi from Gadabout Gal Michele. If you have followed along over the last couple of years you probably have seen quite a few wonderful Gadabout Gal adventures - Belize, Texas, New Orleans, Niagara Falls and Italy. It's all been magical and wonderful to share these travel moments and create life-time memories with two of my long-time best friends.

As we all know, over the last five months things in the world have changed drastically with an unthinkable pandemic. Covid-19 really has changed the world, and travel has been hit hard. With quarantines, restrictions, and socially distancing traveling the globe has not only been hard, it's been pretty nonexistent. For a gal filled with wanderlust in her soul, this time has been very difficult. I've had to cancel a couple trips and rescheduled another. Fingers crossed that in a few weeks I will be heading on my first real vacation in almost a year!

But during this time, there were changes to the Gadabout Gals as well. With the recent updates to my website you may have figured out the the Gadabout Gal threesome is now just a solo experience from me - Gadabout Gal Michele. This doesn't mean that Tiffany and Kelly are totally out of the equation. They may be a future travel partner, guest travel diary writer, or possibly even offer some other fun surprises. You just never know.

But moving forward this will be all about my travel experiences. Those could be jet-setting to Europe, somewhere in the United States, a nearby road trip, or even some fun excursions in my part of the world. Wherever they take me I will happily share my adventures with you through travel diaries, photos and video.

My new Gadabout Gal Michele Logo

I know this travel freeze will end one day. I hope it's much sooner rather than later. So stay tuned, follow along and share your travel adventures too. It feels so good to get out of the bubble!


Gadabout Gal Michele

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