A Zippy Adventure

Have you ever been on a zip lining adventure? Gadabout Tiff here... I've been twice, and want to go again!

"Life's a daring adventure, or nothing at all" ~ Helen Keller

Lori, Michele and Tiffany zip lining in Hocking Hills at the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours
Lori, Michele and Tiffany zip lining in Hocking Hills

My daring life

To give you an idea of my crazy sense of adventure, I need to start with my trip to Costa Rica.

My real estate career had crashed with the housing bubble burst in 2008. We were living in Ohio at the time. Ohio was hit hard, especially where we lived. I decided an adventure could help me "find myself"after my failed career.

So, I did the only logical thing.

I sold my beautiful sporty car and booked a trip to Costa Rica.

In July 2009 I traveled to Costa Rica to study Spanish at the Costa Rica Language Academy in San Jose. I got to stay with an amazing host family, who made me feel at home! They weren't supposed to speak English to me, but had pity on my weak Spanish skills. I also met people from around the world who enjoyed exploring the country on weekend excursions. Learning to get around, life in hostels and the language barrier was an interesting challenge. Thankfully, my new friends mastered the language better than I.

One of our weekend excursions was a trip to Monteverde. This is a little hippy town in the mountains. I love the beach, but there is something about mountain air that makes me want to be O'natural. My sense of adventure was tested at the Selvatura Adventure Park where I tried zip lining for the first time. Honestly, I loved soaring above the jungle on a little cable.... until the thought hit me, "what if the cable broke?" I mean the view was incredible! BUT WHAT IF???? Snakes and mean monkeys came to mind. I made it through the course on an adrinaline rush. At the very end of the tour there was a Tarzan Rope as a final act of bravery. I initially thought, "NOPE!" Until I witnessed a beautiful grey headed women in her prime swing off the platform with boldness and grace. I had to conquer it too!

Costa Rica was a definite adventure. Unfortunately, I did not master the Spanish language or "find myself."

Zip Line Take Two

In April 2011 I had my second opportunity to zip line with a group called Weekend ReTweat at the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Weekend Retweat had been hired to market The Glass House, a cabin in Hocking Hills. We were also invited to zip line while we were there.

Our stay at The Glass House was more of a luxurious retreat than an adventure. We enjoyed the massage chairs, hot tub and breath taking scenery. Quite a different experience from my hostel in Monteverde! Most of the ladies in our group were content to hang out at the cabin and leave the adventure to a few of us.

Lori, Michele and I headed out for the zip line excursion and had a complete blast. Once we made it through the safety class, our guide kept us laughing the whole time. This time I didn't have the fear of a jungle snake below, but it was just as much an adrenaline rush! Check it out... pictures are worth a thousand words. LOL!

I think it is high time that the Gadabout Gals seek out adventurous zip line trip. This time we need to include our Gadabout Guys!
Let us know if you have a zip line destination you can recommend. We'd love to hear about your adventure!

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