A Texan Trip to Visit Tiff

The Gadabout Gals made a trip to my neck of the woods in the spring of 2017. Their trip to visit me was a perfect example of my touristy skills! Did you catch my travel diary last week? Touristy On Your Own Turf.

I love visitors and being the tour guide. I wish I had a picture of the ambitious list of activities that I lined up for the Gadabouts Gals. It was written out in detail so they could choose the itinerary. Let me recap the weekend to give you an idea...

It was March, an ideal time to visit Texas! The bluebonnets were in bloom. The weather was mild. It also happened to be the kick off weekend for Texas Antiques Week, a biannual holiday for junkers.

Gadabout Gals at Royers Round Top Cafe:  A Texan Trip to Visit Tiff
Royers Round Top Cafe

Not long after they got settled, I insisted we eat at Royer's Round Top Cafe. Yep, that idea was non-negotable! I called Angie, my favorite waitress & dear friend, to make a reservation for us. Texas Antiques Week is a busy time for this little piece of heaven. I was thankful to get a table! If I remember correctly, we all ordered the Shrimp & Grits. YUMMMMM! After dinner we relaxed at Prost with a bottle of wine. I knew Michele would absolutely love the setting at Prost! And she did.

Gadabout Gals at Royer's Round Top Cafe:  A Texan Trip to Visit Tiff
Royer's Round Top Cafe

Day One

I suggested we hit the antique fields on the first full day. Michele had never experienced a Texan sized antique show. It was fun to show off our favorite fields in Warrenton and stop in the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters.

We walked around the Round Top Festival Institute while we were out. This is a must see for all of my visitors! I had no idea that the Herb Society was having their annual sale that day. Thankfully the gals indulged me as I took advantage of this lucky surprise!

I had to get back to Flown The Coop headquarters (my store in Burton). I had to get ready for the biannual Backyard Bash with the Kountry Chick Karaoke. It was such a treat to have the Gadabout Gals in town for one of my favorite nights at The Coop!

First of all Bad Girl BBQ was serving her famous Cowboy Sundae. Jeff and I absolutely love Renda and her BBQ!

Our backyard karaoke bash always feels like a scene out of a movie. It is fun to watch people from our community and friends in the antique world come together for a fun evening under the stars! Everyone knows to bring a chair and BYOB. Jeff and I sang our song, Inspite Of Ourselves by John Prine. The Gadabout Gals took the stage for a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Unfortunately, the pictures got a little fuzzy as the evening progressed. LOL!

Day Two

A roadtrip was in order on day two! I thought it would be fun to ride past the crazy antique fields to Schulenburg, TX. The breathtaking Painted Churches were first on my list. I had bought a map of all the churches in Schulenburg. The map turned out to be of no help. We got lost and found majestic long horns on the backroads. That was fun! It was time for lunch by the time we finally made it to one of the churches.

We had lunch at the Garden Company in Schulenburg, one of my favorite restaurants! The food is amazing! I love the creative, hip atmosphere! We had the opportunity to visit with Stevie Thompson, the owner, who asked us where we were headed to next. Smithsville, Texas was our next stop. I had a feeling that Kelly, a movie buff, would love to visit the little town where the movie Hope Floats was filmed. Stevie recommended stopping into Honey's for one of their jalepeño margaritas. Check out Kelly's Travel Diary article, An Afternoon in Smithsville, Texas for the rest of that story... it's a good one!

Gadabout Gals day backroads adventure
Our backroads adventure!

Day Three

Truth BBQ, a final shopping spree and a ride in Maggie were on the itinerary for day three.

BBQ is BIG in Texas! Truth BBQ is a culinary experience that people line up for every weekend, rain or shine and in the blazing heat. Truth BBQ is open until they sell out, which is normally around 1-2pm.

We hit the fields one last time...

Taking Maggie, my 48 Ford for a spin was an adventure. Little did Kelly and Michele know, it was the first time Jeff let me drive her. Needless to say, I was not very good at keeping her steady. She has no power steering. I predict the next time she'll just me a good photo op.

It is pure joy when your friends are having a great time!

I love what Kelly posted to Facebook that day

Fun day junkin' in the Roundtop, Texas fields again, then we finished up with a drive around the beautiful back roads of Burton in Maggie Magenta. Tiffany is the best host & tour guide EVER! Love it here so much.

So you don't get the wrong impression... I do allow time to just kick back. Breathing in the country air is the best part of living in my sleepy little town.

Gadabout Gals trip to Texas to visit Tiff
Kicking back at The Coop
Next week Michele is coming to visit. I have a couple ideas we can explore while she is here. The Fall Texas Antiques Week will be in full swing. Sadly, this will be the first time in seven years that I will not be apart of the big show. I'm so glad Michele will be here to cheer me up! I do have a Big Backyard Bash planned on September 28th. Stayed tuned to the rest of this story....

In case you are in the area... please join us!

Flown The Coop
BIG Backyard Bash
Burton, Texas
September 28th

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