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Sedona, Arizona

Hike in Little Horse Trail: Sedona, Arizona.

Lookout Mountain, Phoenix

Hike up Lookout Mountain in Phoenix

Henry Church Rock

Fall hike to Henry Church Rock.

Miraval Austin

The labyrinth near the spa at Miraval Austin.

Rome, Italy

Colosseum, Rome Italy

Canton, Ohio

Gervasi Vineyard

Phoenix, Arizona

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa Rooftop Skydeck, Phoenix, Arizona.

Placencia Belize

Placencia Village, Placencia Belize.

Austin, TX

Mural of Austin, Texas.

South Haven MI

Sunset in South Haven, Michigan.

Nashville, TN

Germantown, Nashville, Tennessee.

Traverse City, MI

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire, Michigan.

Chicago, Illinois

The Bean, Chicago, Illinois.

New Orleans

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Carpinteria, CA

Surfing at Santa Claus Lane, Carpinteria, California.

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Pier, California.

Positano, Italy

Ceramics in Positano, Italy.

Waco, TX

Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.


Waterfall in Maya Mountains.

Amalfi Coast

Sunset cruise on the Amalfi Coast.

Niagara Falls

American side of Niagara Falls.


Hiking Mohican State Park.


Trevi Foundation in Rome.

Gulf of Mexico

Sunset on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

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Miraval Austin

The labyrinth near the spa at Miraval Austin.