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About The Gadabout Gals

Gadabout: (n) A person who travels often or to many different places for pleasure.


Yep, that’s us!

Kelly, Michele and Tiffany.

We are the Gadabout Gals.

Lovers of life, fab food and fun adventures!

Oh yeah...and we’ve been great friends and enjoying life together for over nine years! We found each other back Columbus, Ohio...on Twitter.

What? On Twitter?

How in the heck did you all meet on Twitter??

Well, it’s a funny story...and we love sharing it because we very fondly remember being a part of those early days of Twitter and emerging social media. That’s when we all met and realized we were connecting with true kindred spirits.

Each of us joined Twitter in 2009 and separately began finding and following other Columbus peeps (back then, if you followed someone on Twitter, they followed you back. AND they tweeted back & forth with you. A lot. Shocker!). We all happened to join a social group, maybe more of a social experiment, called TasteCasting where we would meet-up at various restaurants and blog, tweet, and post about the food and restaurant. Who knew then that we would become lifelong friends and make such strong connections that would carry us through many of life’s ups & downs and twisty turns.

Over the years, we’ve traveled together multiple times and enjoyed many fun adventures, both near and far. We’ve also used our emerging social media influences to help promote various brands — from restaurants, entertainment, excursions, bed and breakfasts and various other fun things to do and places to lodge through a social travel group we called Weekend ReTweet. We thought the play on words was pretty clever.

Flash forward to now....

We’ve taken our mutual love of travel and adventure...combined it with our collective social media savvy...and created the Gadabout Gals!


We are now enjoying adventures in our prime and around the world while using our various social media networks to actively promote travel destinations and experiences. Our goal is to create a buzz about destinations we visit using “world of mouth” marketing. Combined we have a pretty big social media network and can make a big influence. We'd like to influence them to enjoy the places and adventures we are able to experience!

We are truly having the prime of our lives while experiencing the globe — and we LOVE sharing it all with the world! We'd love for you to allow us to share you.


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